This Guy Is Turning Oculus Rift Into A Virtual Sex Game

Oculus Rift Porn? It's Already Happening

If there's one thing you can rely on, it's the porn industry's ability to embrace any and all new technology. This of course includes virtual reality and more specifically Oculus Rift.

One such company to jump on the bandwagon is Red Light Center which aims to put you inside a virtual sex game where you can chat, hook up and generally do all the things you would probably expect to do in a virtual reality sex game.

CEO Brian Shuster built the game, starting the company from scratch. Shuster claims to have 'millions' of users already although we suspect that the number using Oculus Rift is probably quite lower.

While it's clear that gaming and films have taken most of the limelight for virtual reality we all knew this would just be a matter of time.

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