Is This The PS4 Slim? (Probably Not)

The PlayStation 4 Slim isn't real. We know this because Sony hasn't announced one yet and because it has barely been a year since the company unveiled the original PS4.

That won't stop the rumour mill though, and it might have just got its first big break with these supposedly leaked photos of Sony's next, slimmer PlayStation 4.

According to Italian gaming site, the images are internal renders of what will be Sony's 2nd PS4.

Now even if these are official we have a number of problems with them being finalised renders.

For starters it's tiny, and we mean tiny. Look at the comparison image with the PS4 and it looks unfeasibly small. Even if you could cram all the components into a space that size you'd then need to cool them and it's not secret that even the current PS4 can get a bit noisy when running at full whack.

Secondly it's a top-loading console which is, well, odd. No company has ever done it and while we can't think of a good reason why they wouldn't start now, the fact remains that it doesn't feel like the console is particularly well designed for either standing or lying down operation.

What we do know is that it's a really nice piece of design so if Sony could slim it down and keep the same design language that they've used on the current PS4 then we'd be happy.