Meet Yasmin Eleby, The 40-Year-Old Woman Who Married Herself

Yasmin Eleby/Facebook

A single woman displayed the ultimate act of self-love this month when she became her own wife at the Houston Museum of African American Culture.

Yasmin Eleby made a pact to self-wed if she hadn't found 'the one' by 40, and she stood by her promise.

On 3 January Yasmin's mother danced her down the aisle, and her sister performed the spiritual ceremony.

John Guess Jr., CEO of the Houston Museum of African American Culture, said: "Once she hit 40 she figured if she didn't find someone who loved her as much as she did, she would marry herself."

He also reaffirmed his support for Yasmin's idea that loving yourself before loving someone else is the most important thing in life.

"She's now indicated to others that she has high standards," he added.

Yasmin plans to take herself to Cambodia, Laos and Dubai for her honeymoon.

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