Pplkpr App Tells You Who Your Real Friends Are

Who Are Your Real Friends? This App Knows

This is the Pplkpr, an app that will reportedly tell you who your real friends are by measuring your heart rate.

First things first, it's pronounced 'People Keeper'. We're not sure why they felt the need to ditch all the vowels, perhaps they have an axe to grind.

The app -- developed by Brooklyn-based artists Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthy -- will alert you when your heart rate changes. It'll then ask you to describe your location, who you're with and how you feel.

Over time the app will then build up a profile of how you feel around certain people, ranking them and essentially telling you if you should be spending more (or less) time with them.

The idea is that the app will be able to help you choose who you spend your time with depending on how you feel. So for example if you're feeling stressed then it'll show you the friends that help you calm down.

According to its creators the app will pair with any Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor however for the apps initial trial the team used Mio wirstbands.


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