28/01/2015 11:40 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Single Mum Puts Herself On EBay In Quest To Find 'Rugged, Gorgeous Greek Guy'


A single mum put herself up for sale on eBay in the hope of being snapped up by a 'rugged, gorgeous, Greek guy'.

Lois Curtis, 49, from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, posted the tongue-in-cheek advert on Sunday night on the advice of a friend.

Her ad, entitled 'female size 10', described Lois as being in 'pretty good condition' with 'good bodywork and a sense of fun'.

It added: "Cooks and cleans, no warranty... fuses have been known to blow."


Within hours of her ad going live, the bidding reached £205 and although Lois decided to take the ad down for fear of how much it would end up costing, men continued to contact her from as far away as Australia, Puerto Rico and the States.

Everywhere, in fact, except Greece!

Explaining why she placed the ad, Lois told MailOnline: "I want to go live and in Greece, it's always been a dream. So my friend Apostolos, who lives over there, said 'Put yourself on eBay and I will share the link all over Greece'.

"He has loads of friends so we just thought we would see what happened and see whether anyone was interested, just for a bit of fun.

"It was up for one whole evening and one morning too. In that time, I had one bid from Australia and one from Peurto Rico - I was amazed when it got to over £200. It was quite flattering.

"I was hoping for a nice Greek, rugged, gorgeous guy – the sort all women want. A few dates – that sort of thing. Of course, I was collection only and there were no refunds after purchase.

"We were going to leave it and let the advert run, and just see who came forward. But I just changed my mind.

"It got to the point where I thought 'I have only got two bids' and I had agreed on 20 per cent charges. So I worried I was going to be charged more than I was worth!"

Lois has wanted to move to Greece since she first visited the country five years ago and is now thinking about re-advertising.

She added: "It's tempting."

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