single parents

There's officially nowhere in England where rent is affordable for women – without a second salary.
"I’d go as far as to say it’s unsafe," said one parent, while others admit huge relief.
Survey by Gingerbread and Mumsnet also reveals 86% believe DWP agency failures allowed their ex to “financially control or abuse them”.
The shame and secrecy associated with the use of unregulated websites adds to the blanket of silence.
Solo mums and queer mums share how they and their children choose to describe their families.
Birth Diaries: "I started working from home at 30 weeks – someone in our office in London tested positive for coronavirus."
Those who've juggled childcare with coronavirus symptoms on their own are angered by Cummings' "arrogance" – and the PM's defence of his man.
HuffPost UK understands single parents who cannot leave their children at home will be at the mercy of police officers' discretion if they want to meet another person.
Solo parenting can be lonely and frightening, particularly for those working on the NHS frontline. Acts of kindness make all the difference.
The policy in south east London reflects a disinvestment in NHS IVF across the country.