single parents

The authors of How To Be A Happy Single Parent get real about surviving the festive season without the kids.
Almost a third of single parents are ready to give up on dating – and who can blame them?
As Freddy McConnell, a solo seahorse father, says: "Love makes a family, not who's in it."
“It’s going back to making sure you’ve got the right rations, which seems crazy for 2022," says one single mum.
Single people are already struggling to stay afloat. What will happen this winter?
Parents are running out of ways to make money stretch during the long summer holidays.
There's officially nowhere in England where rent is affordable for women – without a second salary.
"I’d go as far as to say it’s unsafe," said one parent, while others admit huge relief.
Survey by Gingerbread and Mumsnet also reveals 86% believe DWP agency failures allowed their ex to “financially control or abuse them”.
The shame and secrecy associated with the use of unregulated websites adds to the blanket of silence.