Farmer Derek Klingenberg Herds Cows Into Giant Smiley Face


A Kansas farmer has filmed his incredibly successful attempt to herd his cows into a giant smiley face.

Using the hashtag #Cowart, Derek Klingenberg, in his feedtruck, herded the cows into the shape while using a drone to film the results overhead.

The video shows the aerial footage but also the camera in Klingenberg's truck as he keeps an eye on how the smile is taking shape from behind the wheel.

When he achieves his amazing feat, he tells the camera: "We have happy cows here in Kansas."

Klingenberg is also known for summoning his cows with a trombone and describes himself as "Trombone Cow Guy" on his Twitter profile.

In August, he uploaded a video to prove he could do it. It shows him playing 'Royals' by Lorde on the brass instrument, sitting in a deckchair in an empty field, which gradually brings the herd in until they are all around him.

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