Katie Price Fans Call For Harvey's Dad Dwight Yorke To Help Fund Son's Care Following 'Celebrity Big Brother' House Row

Pricey Fans Question Why Dwight Yorke Doesn't Help With Harvey's Care Bill

The debate over whether Katie Price should be able to claim government funds to help care for her son Harvey has stepped up a notch, as fans are calling for Harvey’s father Dwight Yorke to contribute.

Pricey’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Katie Hopkins questioned whether the former glamour model should be entitled to government help for Harvey, who was diagnosed with autism, blindness and Prader-Willi syndrome in 2002.

Katie, Harvey and her husband Kieran Hayler

After standing her ground in the debate, Pricey’s people released a statement clarifying the situation and detailing the government-funded services Katie receives.

Now, a number of fans on Twitter are calling Harvey’s Dad Dwight into question.

At present, Harvey is provided with transport to his special needs school, and a nurse to escort him.

Katie has previously stated that she’s had barely any contact with Dwight, who, according to her, has met Harvey just once.

Writing about the meeting, which took place on Harvey’s 10th birthday, in her autobiography ‘Love, Lipstick And Lies’, Katie stated: "It wasn’t a friendly meeting and I didn’t hear from Dwight afterwards. It’s such a shame. All I can say is that he is missing out on a very special little boy.”

Dwight Yorke

“If you can pay for something you should pay for it, you shouldn’t rely on the government,” Hopkins told her. “I think that’s wrong.”

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