Reddit Just Summed Up The Future Of Virtual Reality In One Picture

Reddit is the self-claimed 'front page of the internet', it's also a mirror, showing a reflection of the changing society we live in, one that we can so often be unaware of.

The fact is, as this outstanding Reddit post points out: You can't hide from the future anymore, it's here.

Reddit user 'ryanmerket' may have won today's battle in the never ending war to post something that's as funny as it is insightful. This is both, and it's terrifying.

We often joke about the day when we'll all be sat at the dinner table and everyone will be talking through their phones.

That's not going to happen, because we'll all be too busy sunning ourselves on a virtual beach, while hastily cramming food into our mouths so we can go back to playing Elite: Dangerous.

That said, there's no guarantee that VR will be a hit. As this slideshow proves...

Virtual Reality

Visions Of The Future That Wasn't

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