How The Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Reverse Its Falling Profits (Or Not)

Samsung will try and reverse what has been a disappointing 2014 with its new, metal, Samsung Galaxy S6.

Posting its first annual revenue fall with a massive 64 per cent drop in revenue from smartphones and mobile gadgets. Samsung has faced stiff competition from both sides of the market with the low to mid-end now under fire from the iPhone 5c and rivals while the Galaxy S5 has had to contend with Apple's entrance into the large-screen market.

While Samsung doesn't release smartphone sales figures, analysts are now fairly sure that Apple has almost caught up with its main rival after shipping 74 million iPhones just last quarter.

How will they respond? The Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy smartphones are Samsung's top-of-the-range handsets, they're the prime rivals to the iPhone and have to either be on par, or beating the iPhone in terms of specs, design and ease-of-use.

In recent years the company has come under fire for its constant use of faux-metal plastic in the design and has begun redesigning its entire range starting with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The company practically confirmed the S6 would follow suit in its earnings report stating that the company would 'focus on recovery by differentiating its mobile devices using new materials and designs.'

Not only can we expect an ultra-slim metal-clad Samsung Galaxy S6, but one that ditches the Snapdragon 810 processor found in many of the most powerful Android smartphones.

Instead Samsung will use its own chip in response to claims that the Snapdragon chip has overheating issues. It makes sense, the Galaxy S6 has to be literally perfect, and any chance that it could have such a major flaw would be a problem.

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