'Used But In Pretty Good Condition': Single Woman Puts Herself On eBay

Scroll through eBay in January and you'll expect to find a lot of unwanted presents that people didn't get round to re-gifting in December.

What you probably won't anticipate spotting is a single lady looking for love.

Mother-of-two Lois Curtis from West Sussex put herself on eBay in the hope of finding her dream Greek man.

She removed the ad after getting cold feet when her advert received bids reaching £205 in less than 24 hours.

The item description read: "Has been used but in pretty good condition. Good bodywork and sense of fun, just bored with the same old thing. Cooks and cleans, no warranty... fuses have been known to blow."

It then went on to tell any would-be buyer that it was collection only and that there were no returns.

Speaking to the MailOnline, the 49-year-old said: "I want to go live in Greece, it's always been a dream. So my friend Apostolos, who lives over there, said 'put yourself on eBay and I will share the link'.

"He has loads of friends so we just thought we would see what happened and see whether anyone was interested, just for a bit of fun.

"I was hoping for a nice Greek, rugged, gorgeous guy – the sort all women want. A few dates, that sort of thing."

Accompanying the ad were a number of photos of the singleton.

Curtis had bids from men all over the world including Australia and Peurto Rico.

Although the experience was a flattering one, she took the advert down because she was surprised at how far her "bit of fun" had gone.

But despite pulling the ad, she's since been contacted by a number of men via email asking if they can still make her an offer.

Sadly though, she's yet to get the attention of any man in Greece.

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