02/02/2015 05:25 GMT | Updated 02/02/2015 06:59 GMT

Super Bowl XLIX Jurassic World Ad Wins The Evening, Bud Light And Locite Runners Up

Super Bowl XLIX landed on Sunday night in an explosion of testosterone, ticker tape and... shark costumes.

There was also a game of American football in amongst it all as New England beat Seattle 28-24.

But the star of the show came at halftime during the ridiculously expensive commercial break...

That's right, we were treated to a brand new trailer for the upcoming dino-fest 'Jurassic World' - and it looks amazing.

Chris Pratt stars and appears to be some kind of raptor-whisperer who seems more than a little concerned about a new dinosaur that "kills for sport".

Later his fears appear to be justified as we are shown scenes of carnage and pterodactyls preying on unfortunate tourists.

In the interests of fairness we've included the other ads here...

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