03/02/2015 16:02 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Headteacher's Frozen Inspired Snow Day Announcement Goes Viral (Video)


A headteacher has become a viral superstar after singing an adapted version of Frozen's 'Let It Go' to announce his school would be closed for a Snow Day.

When it snows, many children spend the morning anxiously waiting by the phone or refreshing their parents' email accounts, in the hopeful expectation that their school may be closed for a Snow Day.

But one headteacher decided to make his Snow Day announcement more creative than the usual ring around.

Drawing on inspiration from his pupils' love of Frozen, Matt Glendinning, 50, from Moses Brown School in Providence, USA, adapted the lyrics of the film's iconic song 'Let It Go'.

"The snow glows white on Route 95, not a tire track to be seen," he sings in the YouTube video. "We could make you come to school but that would just be mean.

"School is closed! School is closed! Because the snow's too deep. School is closed! School is closed! Stay in bed and sleep."

Matt told the BBC that he and his colleagues had come up with the idea of making the video eight or 10 days earlier and decided to get it ready for the next Snow Day. They 'wrapped up the filming' on Friday 23, just before a blizzard hit on January 26.

A day after it was published on YouTube the video had already been watched more than 1,300,000 times.

Watch out Idina Menzel!

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