Cristiano Ronaldo Birthday: 30 Of His Most Gratuitous, Top-Off, Chest-Out Moments (PICS)

As well as being pretty nifty with a football, Cristiano Ronaldo also has another major talent in that he looks rather splendid without his top on, which, luckily for us happens about as often as he hits the ball into the back of the net.

These chest-out moments aren’t just confined to him whipping his football shirt off at the end of a match either.

As well as stripping to his smalls as the face and body of Armani underwear, the 30-year-old has also launched his very own range of undercrackers, which he was only too happy to model himself (natch).

In fact, Cristiano is so proud of his sculpted physique that he posed in front of a heeeeuuuuge billboard of himself in a pair of CR7 pants at the launch (insert your own ‘big package’ joke here).

So as he celebrates 30 years on the planet, what better way to mark the occasion than 30 gratuitous shirtless snaps of the beautiful man himself?

Cristiano Ronaldo's Most Gratuitous Shirt-Off Moments

Cristiano Ronaldo's Most Gratuitous Shirt-Off Moments

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