Piers Morgan's Daily Mail Article Urges Muslims To Watch Islamic State's Hostage Murder Video

Piers Morgan Wants All Muslims To Watch IS's Horrific Hostage Murder

Piers Morgan has provoked furious debate by telling Muslims the battle against Islamic State is "your war".

The former chat show host was writing in reaction to the horrific video of Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kasaesbeh, being burned alive.

He describes how making the hard decision to watch the murder of al-Kasaesbeh enabled him to see "exactly what these monsters are capable of" and urged all Muslims to turn against them.

Morgan was writing in the Daily Mail

He writes: "[I'm] glad I know they have no limits, no humanity, no semblance of any kind of soul.

"Glad I saw the undisguised joy in their evil little faces as they perpetrated such a despicable act on a fellow human being.

"Glad they repeatedly switched the camera shot from blow-torch to their victim’s face so we can be under no illusion what utter sadists they are."

Later Morgan claims the war against IS will only be won when the Muslim world turns against them.

He writes: "If any Muslim remains in any doubt as to whether this is the right time to stand up and cry ‘NOT IN MY NAME OR MY RELIGION!’ then I suggest they too watch the video of Lieutenant al-Kasabeh being burned alive.

"He could be YOU.

"This is YOUR war."

Although Morgan warns against "tarring a whole religion with the same poisonous brush of terrorism", many have questioned the wording used in the article.

Many however tweeted in support of Morgan...

The video shows al-Kasaesbeh, who was seized after his F-16 jet crash-landed near the Syrian city of Raqqa in December, dressed in an orange jumpsuit stood inside a metal cage.

Armed militants surround the area. The cage and the pilot have been doused with fuel. One of the militants lights the cage from a distance. Al-Kasaesbeh is shown holding his head and screaming as the flames engulf him. The video also threatened other Jordanian pilots.

The "sickening murder" of Jordanian pilot Lt Muath al-Kasaesbeh by Islamic State will only "strengthen resolve" to defeat them, Prime Minister David Cameron said.


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