12 Signs You're 'Drowning In Data' And Experiencing A Digital Overload

If you spend a good portion of your day with a phone glued to your hand (and your eyes firmly fixed on the screen) then chances are you're a serious tech-addict. And it's not good news.

In her new book 'Unplugged: How to live mindfully in a digital world', Orianna Fielding explores the age of connectivity and being switched on 24/7.

"We are spending increasing amounts of time online just trying to manage the 360-degree deluge of content," she writes.

"Our time, rather than being spent productively, is being ambushed by the checking, responding to and managing of both personal and professional emails, texts and social updates - leaving very little time for actual living."

"Our greatest attachment seems to have become to a digital device," Fielding continues. "We are spending more time interacting with our smartphones than with anyone or anything else.

"The people we would like to spend time with are spending their time connecting with other people contained in a 2-inch screen."

Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief for The Huffington Post , features as a case study in the book. She comments on our state of "hyperconnectedness" saying that it's "the snake lurking in our digital Garden of Eden".

"We are finding it harder to unplug, renew ourselves and make a real connection with ourselves and others," she adds. "The first stages of the Internet were about data and more data. But now we have plenty of data - indeed, we're drowning in it - and all the distraction we could ever hope for.

"Technology has been very good at giving us what we want, but not always what we need."

With Arianna's words ringing in your ears, it's worth taking a moment to assess how much plugging-in you do during the day. If you feel lost without your device then chances are you need to step away from the tech and give yourself a rest.

Unconvinced that you're a tech-addict?

Here are 12 signs of digital overload. If you identify with more than six of these, then it might be time to undertake a digital detox and reboot your life.

12 Signs Of Digital Overload

Fielding's book 'Unplugged: How to live mindfully in a digital world' is available to buy from Amazon for £12.99.