Worst Case Of Manspreading Ever?

Who says manspreading doesn't hurt anyone? Our eyes are still recovering from this photo tweeted by @themichaelfish...

Manspreading is when a man sits with his legs wide open, spreading across two (or more) seats. It often happens on packed carriages, leaving other travelers left standing while the manspreader takes up all the room.

An anti-manspreading movement started on Tumblr and spread through social media, and now New York transport authorities are taking a stand against the behaviour.

Writing about why men, er, manspread, HuffPost UK blogger The Guyliner said: "I suspect the reason men do this is very simple: we think we should. Sitting with knees together and legs in tight is a sign of weakness or homosexuality - both social death, of course. So with this overbearing sense of self-consciousness, we have somehow decided that 'legs akimbo' is the norm."

Helen Mirren, 68

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