Keith Lemon Reveals Fears Over Twitter Trolls: ‘I've Had Someone Tell Me They Hope I Get Aids'


Keith Lemon is someone we usually associate with dirty jokes and loads of laughs, however life isn’t all fun and games for the character.

Keith, played by comedian Leigh Francis, has spoken out, revealing that he often receives vile threats online.

Keith Lemon

Speaking to the Mirror, Keith states: “I get grief every day, it’s f***ing horrible.

“I get loads of trolls. I feel like I’m doing OK, then I’ll get someone on Twitter, saying ‘die of AIDS’.”

The trolls have even stopped Keith from going out and enjoying himself.

“You can’t go to those places because people get really jealous, or why else would they want to hit you?

“And you can’t judge them because maybe they’ve got a really s*** life and they’re jealous of your good life, so I don’t go to those places.”

However, Twitter does have some uses for Keith and last year, he used his account to silence fans who were hoping he would hook up with Josie Cunningham.

When Josie tweeted that she would leave Twitter if he bedded her, Keith replied: “Bonjour! Can people please stop tweeting me about this Josie woman. Never heard of her. Getting a bit sick of saying 'No Chance'!”

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