Magician Convinces People His Hoverboard Is Real

Is That A... Hoverboard?

The widely acknowledged truth is that the hoverboard is real but pointless, and unless someone comes up with an incredible new form of thrust, it won't be launching in Argos for some time.

Of course, if you're a magician, then that school of thinking is generally considered a load of old nonsense, especially if you can create enough of an illusion to trick people.

Rahat is a cruel man then, taking our hopes and dreams and convincing us that perhaps we can fly above the pavements.

Wandering around his local park, the magician manages to convince every person he meets that he is living in the fictional, as opposed to real version of 2015.

He also leaves both his marks and us none the wiser on how he did it. We're thinking magnets, really strong magnets. Or just... angles. Sigh.


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