US Navy's Firefighting Robot SAFFiR Unveiled

If The US Navy's Scary Firefighting Robot Went All 'Terminator' It Would Drown Us All

A prototype robot that uses sensors to put out fires has been showcased by the US Navy's Office of Naval Research.

The Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR) is a bipedal humanoid robot fitted with sensors and thermal imaging cameras.

SAFFiR can open doors, walk on uneven surfaces and even operate a fire hose.

ONR's human-robot interaction and cognitive neuroscience program manager Dr Thomas McKenna said: "We set out to build and demonstrate a humanoid capable of mobility aboard a ship, manipulating doors and fire hoses, and equipped with sensors to see and navigate through smoke.

"The long-term goal is to keep sailors from the danger of direct exposure to fire."

The ONR says SAFFiR will soon have greater autonomy, better intelligence, communications, speed, and battery life as well as the capability to carry out routine tasks on board vessels.

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