Google 'The Shithole' On Google Maps And Tottenham's White Hart Lane Pops Up

Look What Turns Up If You Put 'The Sh*thole' Into Google Maps...

Sorry, Tottenham Hotspur fans.

Sorry, Google.

But this is very funny.

Step one: go to Google Maps.

Step two: type in “the shithole”.

Step three: look where it takes you.

We tried this on mobile, desktop and via an Incognito search. However Twitter users have reported different results based on location - so it is possible this is restricted to London.

UPDATE: The above issue - that different locations are popping up for the term - appears to be increasing over time, possibly as the issue is fixed on Google's servers. We'll keep this story updated...

UPDATE 2: Google said, in a droll statement: "We've shown this edit the red card, and it will be sent off from Maps very shortly."

We have informed Google of this mistake - expect to see it corrected swiftly

Meanwhile, the problem appears to be affecting other terms too. For instance, if you Google Maps search the equally crude term "my arse"...


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