Rieke The Orphaned Orangutan Will Instantly Melt Your Heart


Rieke the orphaned orangutan has finally found a new 'mother' in a zookeeper at Berlin Zoo.

The zoo in conjunction with two national newspapers ran a competition to name the tiny offspring and after receiving over 600 suggestions, the name 'Rieke' was chosen.

His mother Djasinga rejected the three-week-old primate at birth after several attempts to bring the pair together.

Zoo Director Dr. Andreas Knieriem said "Whether the animal at the Zoo Berlin remains or switches to another facility, the competent team fro Berlin Zoo decide together with the Coordinator of the European Endangered Species Programme for orangutans in the coming weeks.

We work in close cooperation with other zoological institutions and inform us about the different ways of rearing. The best interests of the animal are in the foreground."

The cute little orangutan is certainly in the best hands for now and seems to be enjoying his time with his new 'mum'.

Rieke just loves his new blanket...

Rieke the orphaned Orangutan

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