How Spontaneous Are You Really? We Asked 5 People For The Honest Truth

How Spontaneous Are You Really? We Asked 10 People For The Honest Truth

Everyone thinks they’re doing it right when it comes to relationships. But ask any relationship counsellor and you’ll discover the honest truth. That no one is perfect!

We asked five people in relationships how well they really know each other. And the answers were very revealing….

Q: "Could being more spontaneous change your relationship?”

A: “Nothing is as important to me as my daily routine. And sometimes that can cause a rift between me and my boyfriend, as I get angry if he forgets to do everyday jobs.

"I can see that my reactions hurts him as he doesn't do it on purpose. I think if I was more spontaneous, I wouldn't let it bother me so much."

A: “My husband says that we need to do more activities together outside of the home, but I always end up filling our domestic schedule so that there isn’t time.

“I feel guilty about this. Because although he doesn’t complain, I’m aware that he’s concerned we don’t have enough fun together. But I feel like I can’t prioritise having fun, as there's too much else to do."

A: “My husband and I love being spontaneous. We very regularly let the house get messy, or put off going to the supermarket, so we can head out for a long walk and end up at the pub.

“I love arranging nights out with groups of friends that take us out of our comfort zone. Like going to modern theatre, a gig or simply just a quirky restaurant."

“When we got married we promised we’d stay interesting for each other. We’re both people that are easily bored, so we knew we needed to make the effort to keep interest levels high!”

A: “When we first got together, my girlfriend and I loved being spontaneous. We would laugh at friends who did the same thing every weekend. But now we’re more serious, there are hundreds of commitments that we can’t get out of, which mean we can’t just drop everything and go on an adventure.

“I don’t know how to be more spontaneous without letting down my friends and family.”

A: “My girlfriend is always asking me to be more spontaneous. But I don’t always know what she means. When I suggest something, there’s often a reason that we can’t do it, or she doesn’t want to do it.

“I think sometimes the best way to be spontaneous is just to show your partner that you've thought about their needs, and respond to them.”

A: “My boyfriend and I have been going to the same pub for the past five years, and meet the same friends every weekend.

“They’re mainly my group of friends, and I can tell that he finds it a little dull. The problem is that he never suggests anything different, and I don’t push the point because then I get to see my mates.

“Making more of an effort is definitely on my ‘to do’ list this year!”