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Elle Macpherson's Beauty Secrets

When a 50-but-looks-35-year-old model shares her beauty secrets, we are listening. These latest tips and tricks? They come from one of the original 'supers' and co-founder of WelleCo Elle Macpherson.


The Australian star, who admits she takes a "holistic approach" to looking after herself, shared her favourite hair, make up and skincare products with Into The Gloss. Here a few beauty pointers to note from Elle...

The secret to her always-glossy, beachy locks? Oribe's shampoo and conditioner are her everyday hair staples, but Elle also recommends investing in treatments. "When I swim, I'll put a treatment in my swimming cap," she says.

When it comes to skincare, "Biafine and all things French are good for moisture," but nothing is more important than SPF.

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"My greatest regret from when I was younger was that I didn't protect my skin from the sun - even though I think I look better with a tan," Elle says. I have plenty of freckles all over my body, and I haven't done anything about it. There's no point in doing lasers because I'm in the sun all the time anyway, but I think sunblock is really important now. Always 50+ SPF."

Elle's second skincare tip is hydration.

"These days, it's all about stripping back the skin and remoisturizing it because I have really dry skin," she says. "Natura Bissē Diamond Cream is so good, and so is their Diamond Life Infusion Retinol Eye Serum. I put Dr. Brandt's Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum first and then the diamond cream over the top. If I don't exfoliate in the morning, I'll clean my face at night and exfoliate everything gently so that my skin is really soft.

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Although she's not really a make up girl, there's one product Elle can't live without - the Jouer Highlighter in Champagne.

"It's become a really important part of my routine. RMS is also amazing. I can put her [Rose-Marie Swift's] RMS Beauty 'Un' Coverup concealer on without powder... it's unbelievable! And her products don't have any messy ingredients, which is important to me."

See more of the super in her style file below:

Yep, she looks THIS good in a bikini...

Elle Macpherson Looks Amazing in a Bikini at 50 Years Old