10/02/2015 16:06 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video Follows Baby's First Year


A mum and dad came up with an amazing way to keep far-flung relatives up to date with their baby boy, by creating a beautiful time-lapse video of his first year.

First-time parents Matt and Amelia Bookman welcomed baby Teddy last year, and he immediately became the focal point of their lives.

Amelia runs successful cookery blog Bon Appétempt, and photographer Matt lends a hand with photos and videos for the site. After Teddy was born, he understandably became a recurring feature in the new mum's posts - which gave the couple the idea of creating a time-lapse film.

"Occasionally, photos or little video bits from the 'Teddy Ages 0-1′ shoots would end up in weekly posts or episodes of our show," Matt explained to The Bump.

As Matt's father, Mark, and other close relatives of the couple live thousands of miles away from the Bookmans' California home, Matt and Amelia realised that their video would be the perfect way to show far-off family how their little boy was progressing.

Starting when Teddy was just six hours old, the clips become a moving and inspired montage of Teddy's evolution from a sleepy newborn to a lively one-year-old.
Matt and Amelia's footage includes cute snippets of their little boy yawning, giggling, sneezing, as well as major milestones like learning to crawl and then to walk.

While the project originated as a way of keeping Teddy's relatives across the country informed about his progress, it has also captured a treasure trove of precious memories for Matt and Amelia.

"If I had to pick a milestone it might be when he started to spin at 11 months," Matt says. "That was really hilarious to watch. It's kind of his way of dancing. He does it until he gets super dizzy and falls down."

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