This Is Neil Armstrong's Private Collection Of Gear Form The Moon Landings

It should come as no surprise that Neil Armstrong's house is full of some amazing things. What we weren't expecting however was the sheer importance of the equipment that he had hiding away.

Having spent 45 years in a wardrobe, Armstrong had a bag full of equipment that was used during the iconic 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing.

These included a the white cloth bag that contained the equipment. Often used by astronauts to transport personal souvenirs back from their missions Armstrong described his Apollo 11 bag as "a bunch of trash that we want to take back."

While he might have thought that, curators at NASA have described the objects as having "priceless historical value".

The most cherished item in the bag is the 16mm movie camera with its 10mm lens. Mounted into Lunar Lander, the camera was used to film the descent, landing and then to film Neil Armstrong's first steps on the Moon.

Along with the camera was a range of buckles and two utility torches. You can see the full range of artefacts here.