Dakota Johnson Reveals Her Favourite ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey' Sex Scene As Sam Taylor-Johnson Confirms She's 'Signed On' For Sequels (VIDEO)

Dakota Reveals Her Favourite 'Fifty Shades' Sex Scene

Dakota Johnson may be insistent that the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ sex scenes were uncomfortable to film, but that hasn’t stopped her from picking a favourite.

The star is currently busy on a worldwide promotional tour for the upcoming film, and she’s now revealed which saucy scene she loves most.

Dakota Johnson

Speaking to Access Hollywood, she explains: “The virginity scene is something that is so beautiful and the way that [cinematographer] Seamus [McGarvey] and [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson] shot that scene, it's really incredible.

“And the colors! It's so saturated, and then just watching a really profound moment in a young girl's life, I think that was pretty special to do."

There’s also good news for fans hoping for more ‘Fifty Shades’, as it’s believed that Sam Taylor-Johnson confirmed two sequels at a New York screening event.

While a number of fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the news, Universal are yet to confirm the reports and Sam remained coy during a chat with E!.

"I'm signed on," she said, when asked about another movie. "Let's see how this one goes first."

Millions of people are expected to flock to the cinema when ‘Fifty Shades’ is released this weekend, though sadly, fans hoping to see a lot of Jamie Dornan are going to be left disappointed.

Can’t wait until the weekend? Watch these clips from the movie...

Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey)

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