This Kettle Will Save Millions Of Pounds In Wasted Water

When you boil a kettle, what's the likelihood that you've overfilled it? Probably quite high.

In fact it's so high that if you took all the wasted energy from a day's worth of overfilled kettles in the UK, you could light all of the UK's streetlights for one night.

Providing a solution to this problem requires something absolutely new, in this case, visually as well as technologically. The Miito is an induction kettle.

Using a long iron rod, the cup is placed onto the induction plate and a rod is then inserted into the cup. The resulting electromagnetic field then heats the rod and in turn boils the water.

It's a gloriously simple idea because it only heats the water that you're going to drink, there's no wastage.

At present, Miito is just a prototype so will require some serious upgrades including an automated shutoff sensor and a stainless steel coating for the heating rod.

The team plan to release the finished product in the last quarter of 2016 with an estimated cost of around £80 although this will depend greatly on the crowdfunding model they plan to employ.

For now though it's a genuinely exciting look at solving one of our laziest faults.