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Unions hit back at health secretary for "digging in" despite inflation forecast indicating plan would result in real terms pay cut.
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We need this vital £20 a week to get by. Taking it away from us would only plunge struggling people further into hardship.
Tomahawk Steakhouse has faced criticism for asking employees to help cover pension and national insurance contributions.
When their jobs have been hit hardest and they’ll bear the scars longest, our youth deserve better than this government is willing to offer, writes Labour MP Yvette Cooper.
Exclusive: Ian Lavery slams suggestion that MPs will be whipped to oppose key plank of Labour 2019 manifesto.
Starmer’s speech had something for all Labour members to agree with. But it wasn't the earth-shattering intervention we need, write Ian Lavery MP, Jon Trickett MP and former MP Laura Smith.
Six months on, and with Covid restrictions only getting tighter, leaving my call centre job for bigger things feels less and less likely.
The scheme has already been found to have contributed to a rise in infections.