Christian Parent Thrown Off Mumsnet For Anti-Dinosaur Rant

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An over-protective mother has been banned from Mumsnet after a religiously fueled rant about dinosaurs.

CADministry, a user on the popular online parenting forum, claimed to have burned her child's dino toy because of their "lack of family values" and their " non-existence from any serious scientific point of view".

She then went on to tell Mumsnet users how she "disowned" her sister for buying the playthings.

Recently my sister foolishly gave my two youngest some dinosaurs toys for Christmas. After telling her to get out of my house I burnt the dinosaurs. My children were delighted because they know that dinosaurs are evil. I am fortunate that my family has been very supportive, and has disowned my children’s former aunt.

The user also begged her fellow mums to get dinosaurs taken off their school curriculum, claiming the lessons would cause children to become "bestially minded" and bite each other.

Her poorly researched rant ended with a link to a Facebook Group, "Christians Against Dinosaurs", which apparently hopes to take the scientifically proven reptiles out of the classroom and replace them with good, wholesome bible stuff.

Mumsnet is no stranger to weird threads, trolls and dodgy discussions. One post went viral when a woman appeared shocked that nobody else kept a "penis beaker" by their beds for a quick dunk after sex.

They also took the opportunity to ruthlessly mock a man who offered to "drive anywhere, up to an hour" to have no-strings-attached sex with any users who were up for it.

Weird place, that Mumsnet.

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