‘House Of Cards' Series Three Leaks On Netflix US

'House Of Cards' Season 3 Leaks Online

‘House Of Cards’ leaked online on Wednesday night, giving fans of the show brief glimpse at what to expect from series 3 of the show.

The episodes were accidentally posted on Netflix and, while some fans managed to stream portions of the show, others decided to screenshot the episode summaries.

Kevin Spacey in 'House Of Cards'

Netflix have denied that the leak was a publicity stunt, reports the BBC, and a witty response to the incident was posted on the show’s official Twitter account.

‘House Of Cards’ was one of Netflix’s first original commissions and it stars Kevin Spacey, as the ruthless Francis Underwood, alongside Robin Wright, who plays his wife Claire. Kevin Spacey recently collected a Golden Globe for his role, following Robin Wright's success at at the same awards in 2014. They both have Emmy Awards for their work, too.

In January, a trailer for the upcoming series was released. Judging from the short clip, the new episodes will be just as action-packed as normal.

All 13 episodes will be posted online at the same time. Hooray for binge-watching!


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