Ice Climber Will Gadd's Incredible Ice Climb In Africa Before The Natural Phenomenon Disappears


Will Gadd doesn't have a 9-5 job. If his current job had a title it would read “Professional Ice Climber”. He is also paraglider pilot and formerly held the paragliding world distance record and in January 2015 he also became the first person ever to climb the ice-covered rock wall next to the Horseshoe at Niagara Falls.

One of Gadd's most remarkable adventures was to Mount Kilmanjaro on a week-long trek, scaling to a tiny precipice at the top of Arica's highest mountain. Upon arrival at the peak, Gadd was struck by the sheer size of the task he faced: “The ice that I had pictures of wasn’t there, it was gone. The things I planned to climb were gone. It was really striking to stand on top of the mountain and look around and feel this absence of ice.”

Speaking exclusively to The Huffington Post UK; Gadd said: "The experience of climbing ice on Kilimanjaro led me to start a multi-year quest to document the vanishing places on earth using my sports to really get in closer and personal with the geography that won't be there in just a few years. I want to see, document and share these places before they are gone forever. My kids will enjoy the pictures if nothing else."

Ice Climber Will Gadd

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