'Broadchurch' Episode 7 Review - FINALLY, David Tennant, Olivia Colman And Co On Top Form

REVIEW: Stop Press. Broadchurch Just Got Really, Really Good

Why, oh why, hasn't 'Broadchurch' been this good for the previous six episodes? Because, if it had been, we'd have another classic series on our hands to match the phenomenon that came before. There were so many surprises in this week's episode, and that was BEFORE Jocelyn and Maggie threw their romantic curveball into the mix.


DI Alec Hardy was equipped with his brand new pacemaker, and it seems actor David Tennant had a new lease of life - and a better script - to go with it. He was properly gripping giving Luke Ashworth his list of ever more limited options - was that even a skip in his step? About time!

David Tennant and Olivia Colman were back on form in this penultimate episode

Olivia Colman as DS Miller, on the other hand, was having a much harder afternoon, back in that godforsaken courtroom, once again facing the slightly unrealistic cannon fire of her husband's barrister, with only her wobbling bottom lip to protect her.

Outside the confounded court, we had the best of the community springing into life, with poker-faced Jocelyn finally unburdening her heart to an understandably befuddled Maggie, and the vicar offering sanctuary to the needy Claire in a scene full of understanding and compassion.

A little bit of beachside romance for Maggie and Jocelyn

Even better were the two best scenes of the series so far. Firstly, Lee and Claire's wave-crashing thrashing of mutual recrimination, glistened with real chemistry between these two actors. Much quieter, but just as effective, were Hardy and Miller standing outside Ricky's office and dialling a telephone number. The look they exchanged when they heard it ring nearby was worth the price of admission alone.

So, in short, Broadchurch has come good, really good, just in time for next week's finale, when we find out whether Joe Miller will go down for the murder of Danny Latimer, or whether we all begin again in another couple of years' time. Bring it on.

Broadchurch Series 2

Broadchurch Series 2


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