'InstaDoom' Adds Selfies To The Iconic Video Game


No place is safe from the selfie stick, not even the pixellated depths of hell.

'InstaDoom' is our new favourite Doom mod, replacing this fake one which tricked us into thinking we could play Doom with a toaster.

Thankfully 'InstaDoom' is very real, and it's precisely what it sounds like, adding Instagram to Doom. That's right, as you gracefully demolish your way through the depths of hell you'll have instant access to every Instagram filter and then ability to save your best apocalyptic moments and share them via Instagram.

'InstaDoom' goes much further than that though. Thanks to the heroic efforts of 'InstaDoom's' creator Linguica you'll be able to find specific areas where RPGs have now been placed with selfie sticks.

Pick up the selfie stick and let everyone know just how happy you are to be fighting your way through mountains of demons.

See, doesn't he look psyched to be there?

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