It is widely accepted that there isn’t an object in the conceivable universe that cannot run the classic video game Doom
The provincial government has apparently obtained a court order against pastor Lethebo Rabalogo.
In truth, they are everywhere, organising in all the corners of this world, with no other urge but to clip their cloth and colour their skin so they might mimic the superheroes they worship, as if they were real and living personages
Bethesda kicked off what would be a massive E3 2015 conference with the very first gameplay trailer for Doom. The verdict
Doom is unrelenting in its dedication to gore and challenge. It's a careful balance throughout, making you struggle to overcome certain areas and treating you to a gory display as you finally wipe your enemies from the screen.
No place is safe from the selfie stick, not even the pixellated depths of hell. 'InstaDoom' is our new favourite Doom mod
Taking a different approach to the internet joke - 'Does it run Doom?', this YouTuber has taken things in another direction
There's an old joke on the internet - 'Does It Run Doom?'. The joke is that the answer is yes, because almost everything
Doom is back, and we'll be honest it looks really scary. Showing off an unholy blend of demonic flesh with what looks like