Nerf Unveils Guns Specifically For Adults


Hasbro has finally realised that for all these years it has been underserving one key group of fans when it came to their Nerf guns: adults.

For years we've been having to make do with either stealing Nerf guns from nephews and nieces, or, like a school kid that wants something they can have, paying said nephews and nieces to go into an Argos and buy them for us.

Well that time is over, the social stigma is being removed and Hasbro has unveiled an adult-specific range of Nerf guns called the 'Rivals' series.

This grown-up foam guns will ditch the classic dart and instead will fire small foam balls at speeds of up to 70mph. Thanks to the foam element you probably won't get a bruise but what you will almost certainly know is that you've been hit by one of them.

At the moment there's only going to be two variants of the gun, an electric option or a classic lever-action for those who dislike progress.

Speaking of progress, neither are arriving any time soon unfortunately with Hasbro estimating a release date of around August along with no word on UK pricing either.%MTSlideshow-PHOTO--NERF-RIVALS-2617068%

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