#DyingForATan: Ryan Ruckledge Says He'd Rather Die Than Be Pale. Twitter Thinks He's A 'Tw*t'

Meet The Man Who Would Rather Die Than Be Pale

A man has revealed on national television that he'd rather die than be pale.

Ryan Ruckledge has spent the past five years injecting himself on a daily basis with an illegal tanning drug - a habit which has cost him just shy of £25,000 to maintain.

Now, Ruckledge wants the NHS to fund research into the safety of the Melanotan injections because he's been experiencing life-threatening side effects.

However he insisted on ITV's This Morning that until a link is proven between the injections and his deteriorating health, he will continue having them. *Groans*

As always, the people of Twitter had something to say on the matter. And for once, they all agree on one thing...

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