The Wonders Of Mint

The Wonders Of Mint

Loved for its distinctive fresh scent and antiseptic properties, mint has been used as both an ingredient in cooking and a medicinal cure for hundreds of years. Although there are 25 different species, the most popular type is spearmint and its leaves are most commonly used in tea.

So - aside from its amazing aroma that we depend on in everything from toothpaste to curries, what makes mint so wonderful when it comes to the health and beauty benefits?

Suzanne Colston-Lynch from Neal's Yard Remedies cites it as "a great general tonic that can help to recharge energy". It's a brilliant healer for painful joints, headaches, sciatica and inflammation and research has shown that menthol is hugely beneficial in aiding digestion, which is why it's so popular in teas.

And if mint tea just isn't your thing? "Mint is a deliciously cooling drink in summer", says Colston-Lynch. "Either make an infusion and refrigerate or cut fresh mint, chop and add to sparkling water with plenty of ice and elderflower cordial for a non-alcoholic mojito".

There are also plenty of lotions, creams and shampoos that use mint as a key ingredient. Often combined with other herbs such as rosemary or sage, beauty brands love mint for its stress-reliving and antiseptic properties, as well as its ability to leave the skin feeling refreshed and revived.

Whether you're after an anti-blemish cleanser or you simply love its scent, here's our pick of the best mint beauty buys:



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