'It's An Escape': Ellie Goulding On Running, Yoga And Being The Face Of Nike's Latest Campaign

Ellie Goulding Gives Us The Low Down On Her Fitness Regime

With her love of running, yoga and ab-revealing croptops, singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding has gained a reputation for being as impressive in the gym as she is on stage.

Scrolling through her Instagram always inspires us to dig out our trainers, so we're not surprised she's become the face of Nike Women’s Race Series.

The project covers a series of women's races across the globe, including a 10K run in London's Victoria Park on 21 June.

We asked the award-winning artist about her exercise regime and got some tips for novice runners who might be thinking about signing up.

What is your weekly exercise schedule like?

If I'm at home in London, ideally I like to try and fit in a couple of Bikram yoga sessions a week. I'm not really a Pilates girl or massively into spinning, but I do love yoga.

I also have a personal trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp and have actually started to combine my training by running to and from the classes.

I love the atmosphere and energy of a bootcamp - you can’t hide behind from anyone else and there is something really special and comradely when everyone is on the treadmill all together.

How do you fit exercise into a busy schedule?

If I am in America I will go to the Barry’s Bootcamp there. I recently hosted a Barry’s session in Miami and think that I probably enjoyed it a little too much! If I am in Europe I will find somewhere to go out and run.

I do train quite hard generally, but if I am doing long promo and studio days the reality is that I have to sit and focus on what I’m doing that day.

Sometimes I have to accept that there just isn’t the time and if you can’t fit it in then you can’t fit it in.

Is there any exercise you couldn't live with out?

Definitely running. Running is the basis of all the training that I do other than yoga. It gives me a great chance to focus when I am not in the car and I am by myself. I run to Barry’s and I also run around Hyde Park and Regent’s Park – it’s like an escape.

If for some reason I couldn’t run anymore it would be too much for me to take.

What do you eat before and after a workout?

It really depends. If I have had a big dinner the night before then I tend not to put anything more in my stomach before a workout.

Usually I would train on a protein bar or a banana. I don’t like to feel too full during a session, so would probably wait until afterwards.

It’s funny, I never really get the urge to stuff my face after a work out. I think the type of exercise you do is very connected to your mind.

The kind of training that I enjoy doesn’t really encourage me to gain muscle like a bloke does, or fill myself full of things afterwards. I never really want to go crazy after a workout and it feels more natural for me to go and get a really good salad. In London, I am always looking for the best veggie places to eat.

Often, I will have a smoothie and throw loads of stuff in my smoothie maker as it’s so easy. I put everything from spinach to hazelnut milk, vegan chocolate flavour protein powder, coconut water and peanut butter. I just chuck everything in!

Do you have any tips for beginners who may be new to exercise?

It can be really daunting joining a gym or going for a run the first time, but I think that’s a really British thing. In America, there is a real culture of fitness, sport and being active.

It’s about getting past that first initial feeling of being insecure.

Do you have any tips to make women feel more confident about taking up fitness?

The lack of confidence is such a woman thing, but I am not at all surprised as sport and fitness has been a very male dominated environment for a long time.

When I first started in music, people found it unusual that I was into fitness and that I also went on stage and I drank.

Now people take me much more seriously as female sport has become a phenomenon.

I think signing up with someone definitely helps – train with a friend. The Nike Women’s Race Series this summer is going to be really fun as you sign up to train with a group of friends and you do it all together. It always great to encourage, motivate and support each other right up to the finish line.

Sign up with your crew tostart yourjourney to the Nike Women’s 10K London finish line nike.com/london.


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