18/02/2015 07:08 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kids' Rude Spelling Mistakes Will Make You Giggle


These hilarious spelling mistakes by kids go to show that it only takes one or two wrong letters to make an innocent comment X-rated.

Since time immemorial, parents have been enjoying their children's innocent spelling mistakes. There's nothing cuter than a painstakingly hand-scrawled note marred by an endearingly glaring error. But in this case, the mistakes are more likely to make you blush than say 'aww'.

We especially love the notes which would be so sweet, if it wasn't for an inadvertently smutty misspelling. Like the adorable little girl who poses proudly next to a whiteboard proclaiming that she loves her 'whore family'.

One appreciative youngster gave a stick-man drawing of his dad this touching caption: 'My dad is the best cock in the world'.

Even more unfortunate given that the thoughtful artist has given his dad an unusually bulbous, pink chef's hat...

Well, it's the thought that counts.

Many of the best examples, which have been shared on social sites such as Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr, come from teachers. It must have been hard to suppress a giggle when one teacher saw their young student earnestly answer a question about the US Civil War in the state of... Vagina.

Or how about the maths teacher who found herself the object of an unusual tribute from one pupil, who gushes about how much they enjoying 'doing meth with her'.

Helpfully, the note is illustrated with a blackboard covered in sums - let's hope the police won't mistake it for a formula.

Check them out below...