18/02/2015 19:42 GMT | Updated 18/02/2015 23:59 GMT

Vanilla Ice Charged With Burglary

Time & Life Pictures via Getty Images
'If there was a problem, Yo, I'll solve it! Check out the hook while D-Shay revolves it'

Vanilla Ice, a nineties rapper famous for being white, has been charged with breaking into and stealing from a house in Florida that was subject to foreclosure.

Police in the Palm Beach County town of Lantana say the recording artist and home-improvement-show host had been renovating a home next to the victim's house. They said in a news release that some of the items were found at his property.

Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, rose to fame following the 1990 release of the hit song "Ice Ice Baby." In recent years, he has hosted "The Vanilla Ice Project" on the US channel DIY Network.

The 47-year-old Van Winkle was charged Wednesday with burglary of residence and grand theft and taken into custody. Authorities say furniture, a pool heater, bicycles and other items were removed from the home sometime during December and February.

Here is a reworking of Ice's only hit.

Yo, VIP, let's nick it!

Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby

All right stop, collaborate and listen

Ice is back but he’s heading to prison

A heater – he grabbed hold of it tightly

Creeping through the neighbours house is unsightly

Why did he do it? Yo, I don't know

Burglary and theft on his DIY show

To the extreme he stole a bike like a vandal

Cancel the series, it's going out like a candle