‘EastEnders' Dot Cotton And Bobby Beale Plot Twists Inspire Twitter Memes And Jokes (PICS)

Twitter Just Won 'EastEnders' Live Week With These Dot Cotton Jokes

Elsewhere in the Square, there were plenty of other dramatic events too, and unsurprisingly, some of them have captured the imaginations of Twitter users.

Dot's arrest was one of the evening's big surprises

While some of us were unable to type anything that wasn’t “KATHY BEALE??”, a number of Twitter users spent their time coming up with a fair few topical jokes and memes.

Firstly, Dot Cotton being taken away in a police car, after confessing to murder, was obviously a fantastic springboard for some good old-fashioned fun…

Then, then was the shock twist screened in the flashback episode, as fans discovered that Lucy’s little brother Bobby is a killer…

Tomorrow’s ‘EastEnders’ will pick up where the first of Thursday’s episodes left off, as Ian Beale confronts Jane, believing she killed Lucy.


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