Frozen Parked Jeep Leaves Incredible Ice Mould When It Leaves

Frozen Jeep Leaves Ice "Ghost" Behind

If you haven't already noticed, our American cousins are suffering from what might be considered as a prolonged winter, otherwise known as "THUNDERSNOW!".

The results of this huge weather front have been hitting the news as northern US cities have become buried under mountains of the white stuff. Of course none of this really puts across just how cold it is over there until you see this:

That's right, it's the front of a Jeep, frozen in time.

Reportedly taken in Greenville, North Carolina, the weather had dropped to such a degree that it had created an ice shell around a parked car.

When the owner left however the last thing they could have expected was this glistening ice shadow to have remained.

In fact, it's the last thing we were expecting as well, which is why we're honestly not sure if it's real or not. In case it's not, here are some incredible pictures of Niagara Falls literally freezing to a standstill thanks to the current weather conditions.

Niagara Falls freezes over


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