North America

Under the terms of the bid, Canada and Mexico will each host 10 matches. The United States will host the remaining 60, including the final.
A rare “super blue blood moon” had space enthusiasts across the world in awe Wednesday. 
Close enough to touch, it seemed.
The creator of “Fresh Off the Boat” compiled hundreds of mini-memoirs to tell the story of immigrant America.
'They are receiving this cocktail of drugs 24 hours a day.'
Antidepressants being taken by humans to combat depression, are finding their way into the brains of wild fish through waterways
Everyone loves to be centre of attention, and it seems the International Space Station is no different after it decided it
'It's an incredibly rare find - almost like winning the lottery.'
A mini-T Rex was one of the last dinosaurs to roam across Africa before the ancient creatures were wiped out 66 million years