Karate Kid Sophie Recites The Student Creed In Leeds Martial Arts Academy

A three-year-old taekwondo student has become a viral sensation after footage of her reciting the student creed was uploaded to Facebook.

Little Sophie Wong, a student of Premier Martial Arts Leeds, has the passion and vigour her sensei demands of the Tiny Champions class when delivering the vow.

The tiny tot is learning taekwondo in a group of other three and four-year-olds, at the centre in Armley, Leeds.

Sophie has only been attending classes for a month, but she's already got the moves down.

Mum Wendy attributes Sophie's enthusiasm to the influence of her six-year-old brother, Harry, who has been studying the martial art for much longer.

Master instructor Ricky Lam said: "For a three-year-old I've never seen this type of focus and dedication. Her attitude is fantastic."

He says interest in the class has quadrupled since the video was posted.

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