20/02/2015 12:23 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

This Measuring Tape Just Changed The Way You Shop Online

All about online shopping but never seem to get the right size? This Italian-designed bit of tech is for you.

'On' is 63-inch (160cm) loop of tape by XYZE (pronounced 'size') that instructs users on how to take their own measurements correctly: chest, waist, hips, etc. It stores them and transmits the data via Bluetooth to an accompanying Smartphone app to create a XYZE ID.

A portable, digital measuring tape that makes online shopping a guaranteed success? Now that's clever. Just think - no more returns, no more traipsing to the Post Office on your lunch break...


The campaign is running on (a crowd funding platform) and is looking for $60,000 (£39,000) worth of backing by 7 March to push forward with shipping and partnering with more online retailers.

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That said, if you're already sold you can pre-order yours here now for around $45 (£29). It's the perfect size for your handbag, powered by a 3V battery that lasts up to 48 months and the best bit is, users only have to measure up once.

"Our expert algorithm calculates the ratio between your body measurements and matches them to the brands' clothes specifications," reveals the fundraising campaign team.

"We are implementing this solution on all operating systems to be fast and highly scalable. Just find the WHAT'S MY SIZE? Button in your favourite brand's e-shopping portal and use XYZE."

Here's all the need-to-knows about what could be your ultimate bit of online shopping survival kit...

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