NASA Trolls 'Interstellar' After 'Visual Effects' Oscar Win

NASA Trolls 'Interstellar' For 'Technical Achievement' Win

It must be frustrating having paid the best part of $150 billion to build a constantly-inhabited platform 300 miles above the Earth, to watch as a movie set in space (costing 1/100th of that amount) wins an international award for technical prowess.

So it apparently proved last night, when NASA took joking umbrage with the team behind sci-fi headache-marathon ‘Interstellar’, which won an Oscar for visual effects:

It also tweeted that its Kepler mission is still working on finding real alien worlds, even while the Interstellar team celebrated its gongs awarded for building fake ones:

Of course NASA wasn’t really annoyed - in fact it’s fairly consistently used the movie’s popularity to promote its own works in space. And it even interviewed ‘Theory of Everything’ winner Eddie Redmaybe about Stephen Hawking, which it tweeted during the ceremony:


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