New Pebble Smartwatch Will Come In Colour

The Pebble smart watch might not be a dominant player in wearable tech on sales alone, but with few truly compelling products to compete against it’s certainly built up some momentum among those already sold on the idea of wrist-based notifications. And now it’s looking to capitalise, with an update due in just under 24 hours which has — of course — now been leaked early online.

An image hosted on Pebble’s own website shows a new version of the previously e-Ink smart watch with a colour screen. According to 9to5mac the new iOS and Android watch display will also be slightly bigger, while retaining the same visibility in low light and light battery drain of the old one.

The watch is said to come with a new version of the Pebble OS, a new processor, a microphone and a six-axis gyroscope. It will also come with a price hike attached and be offered only on Kickstarter - though again, that's conjecture at this stage. We'll just have to wait and see. Clearly once the Apple Watch is released, indie competitors like the Pebble will have a tough time breaking through to the mainstream. But with clearly differentiated features (and a battery that lasts longer than an increasingly standard 12 hour or less) it’s certainly got a shot.

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