#AskHerMore: 11 Empowering Messages From Inspiring Women On The Red Carpet At The Oscars

#AskHerMore: 11 Empowering Messages From Actresses

As Oscars night approached, Reese Witherspoon's #AskHerMore plea on Instagram couldn't have been more poignant.

And it seems like hers - and so many other actresses' - plight for journalists to ask them anything other than the age-old question of "who are you wearing?" was heard.

First of all, Julianne Moore was given the opportunity to speak about Alzheimer’s disease (instead of Armani) on the red carpet.

Then, journalists at BuzzFeed seized the opportunity to ask the likes of Zoe Saldana, Felicity Jones, Viola Davis and Chloe Moretz to tell them one piece of advice that they'd give to young women.

While their messages were all different, there was one consistent theme throughout - they were all incredibly powerful messages that remain relevant to women all over the world.

From Zoe Saldana's "don't think in colour" to Viola Davis' thought provoking statement: "Do not live someone else's life and someone else's idea of what womanhood is", if there's one thing we learnt from Oscars night, it's that asking actresses intelligent questions is the way forward for a more compelling insight into the people behind the big screens.

Plus, kick-ass advice for empowering younger generations wins over outfit choices any day.

What would you ask your favorite actress at the Oscars? #askhermore

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