No-Bread Sandwiches That'll Leave You Feeling Suitably Satisfied At Lunch

Ever wondered what would happen if you made your favourite sandwiches without bread and butter?

Well, the answer is: sheer stomach-filling awesomeness.

And the proof is on the plate above, as these no-hassle lunchtime snacks involve zero bread - goodbye bloating - and lots of vegetable and meat goodness.

Don't believe us? Try 'em for yourself...

Layer aubergine, baby spinach, steak strips, onions, roasted red pepper and more aubergine.

Layer cucumber, ham, cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves and more cucumber.

Layer a tomato slice, mozzarella, asparagus, spinach, and another tomato slice.

Layer an apple slice, spread with peanut butter, add chocolate chips and add another apple slice.

Layer portobello mushroom, chicken strips, bacon strips, guacamole and more portobello mushroom.

Layer banana pieces with Nutella and more banana pieces.

Layer pan-fried tofu, cucumber, ham and pan-fried tofu.

Layer red pepper, turkey, avocado, baby spinach and red pepper.

Layer lettuce leaves, chopped chicken, tomatoes, avocado and cheese.

Layer salami slices, with Provolone cheese, lettuce and more salami.

9th - Tuna and sweetcorn

Great Britain's Favorite Sandwiches